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CutRest is the cut resistant glove search engine designed to find the ideal cut resistant glove for any job. Our powerful search and compare tools quickly allow a user to focus on the cut resistant glove that best fits their needs. Choose parameters such as ANSI and EN388 Cut Resistance, Glove Materials, Polymer Coating and Grip Texture. Also specify between Gloves for hand protection or Sleeves for arm protection. CutRest.com allows users to compare up to 5 gloves at a time and view in-depth details about any cut resistant glove by Showa Best Glove. Users can print PDFs and order gloves samples too. Begin your cut resistant glove search here. For cut resistant gloves that use DuPont™ Kevlar® click here.


Additional information about cut resistant glove manufacturing, cut resistant fibers, testing standards for cut resistance, and a gloves glossary are available for those users wanting more background information on picking the right cut resistant glove. Common cut resistant glove myths are debunked on our Myths page.


Showa Best Glove specializes in 5 major disciplines of hand protection: Disposables, Chemical Resistant, General Purpose, Cut Resistant, and Hi Tech. Visit www.showabestglove.com for additional corporate and product information or view our Showa Best Glove video.


For those interested in Chemical resistant gloves, please visit www.chemrest.com.

Prevent hand injuries with proper cut resistant gloves.Workplace Hand Injury: Figures

Cut-resistance Statistics: Getting a Perspective.


The first chart illustrates, in percentage terms, the incidence of cut injury to workers in the U.S. for the year 2006 - relative to other types of non-fatal injury. The second chart illustrates (also for the U.S. in 2006) the percentage of injury that occurs to the hands and fingers in the workplace - relative to other body parts. Both charts utilize only lost-time injury statistics.


When looking at the percentages, it is important to consider that not all injuries are preventable through the use of PPE, such as back injuries. Hand and finger cut injuries, however, are the most preventable.

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